Transient Numerical Schemes in Electromagnetics: From Electromagnetic Scattering to Multiphysics Simulation

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Simulation tools capable of transient electromagnetic analysis are essential for designing and optimizing electromagnetic, photonic, and optoelectronic devices. In recent years, time-domain differential equation based solvers have found widespread use due to their advantages over integral equation counterparts in analyzing transient electromagnetic field/wave interactions and multiphysics problems. This dissertation develops a group of time-domain differential equation solvers for analyzing transient electromagnetic scattering from penetrable objects and multiphysics phenomena in optoelectronic devices. In addition to providing detailed formulations of these solvers, this dissertation presents numerical examples which demonstrate their accuracy, efficiency, and applicability to real-life problems.

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Ming Dong is an electrical and computer engineering (electrophysics) PhD student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. His current research interests include the time-domain finite-element method, time-domain discontinuous Galerkin method and its application in electromagnetic scattering analysis, semiconductor devices simulation, and multiphysics simulation.

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