Meet KAUST prospective student: Yiming Yang

KAUST ECE M.S./Ph.D. student Yiming Yang.
-By Taruna Rapaka

Yiming Yang is an electronic science and technology graduate who will join KAUST from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). Yiming will join KAUST as a M.S./Ph.D. candidate and member of the KAUST Integrated Microwaves Packaging Antennas and Circuits Technology Research Group under the supervision of Professor Atif Shamim.

After completing his studies, Yiming aspires to be a productive researcher in antenna and microwave circuit design.

What was your main subject during your undergraduate degree? Why did you choose it?

I majored in electronic science and technology. From the start of high school, I learned how to build simple electronic circuits and found great interest in the design method and physics behind it. I enjoy the process of circuit design, and I want to learn it professionally.

Why have you chosen to study a M.S./Ph.D. at KAUST?

I share the same research interest with my supervisor Atif Shamim. In my opinion, the state-of-the-art research facilities at KAUST have boosted the research and development of electronics. During my visit here, I had a wonderful research experience in the IMPACT Lab. Another reason for joining is an opportunity to explore the diverse culture found at KAUST.

When did your interest in electrical engineering arise? What are your research interests?

When I was in middle school, I would break down and reassemble electronic gadgets. I tried Arduino during high school and built simple circuits, which convinced me to major in electronic science and technology. From actual experiences, I recognized that the miniaturization of antenna and RF circuits is a current trend and challenge, and that led me to my current research field.

My research interests include frequency selective surface, miniaturized antenna and microwave circuit design because they are part of the Internet of things and cloud computing infrastructures. 

What do you do in your spare time? What are you passionate about?

I like playing the guitar, running, cycling and reading. I also build and test circuits such as amplifiers and power converters at weekends.

I am passionate about learning new things and overcoming problems along the way. The more problems I can get over, the more self-actualized I feel.

Can you give a piece of advice to students who plan to pursue a M.S./Ph.D. at KAUST?

My advice to them is to maintain good academic results and try to find, and explore, your research interest as early as possible.