Benjamin Cook obtained his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering under the supervision of Professor Atif Shamim at Integrated Microwaves Packaging Antennas & Circuit Technology (IMPACT) Research Group at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Currently, Benjamin is working as a Director at PERL LAB, TI USA.

Research Interests

Benjamin's research interests included Inkjet-printed antennas on flexible and organic substrates, Flexible device fabrication and process design, High voltage and wideband antenna design and RF Applications in Medical Imaging.

Education Profile

  • Ph.D. 2012 – 2014, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.
  • M.Sc. 2011, Electrical Engineering Program, KAUST, Saudi Arabia.
  • B.Sc. 2010, Electrical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, United States.    

Selected Publications

Cook, B. S., & Shamim, A. (2012). Inkjet Printing of Novel Wideband and High Gain Antennas on Low-Cost Paper Substrate. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 60(9), 4148–4156. doi:10.1109/tap.2012.2207079
B. S. Cook et al., " A Passive Low-Cost Inkjet-Printed Smart Skin Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring," IET MAP, in press, March 2012.
B. S. Cook et al., “Inkjet-Printed “Zero Power” Sensors for Large-Scale RFID-Integrated “Smart Skins” ”, IEEE Microwave Magazine, in press, October 2012.
A. R. Maza, B. S. Cook, and A. Shamim. "Paper-Based Inkjet-Printed UWB Fractal Anetnnas”, IET MAP, Vol 6, Issue 12, p. 1366 – 1373.
S. Kim et al., “Inkjet-printed Antennas, Sensors and Circuits on Paper Substrate”, IET MAP, Aug 2012.
B. S. Cook, and A. Shamim, “An Inkjet-Printed UWB Antenna on Paper Substrate Utilizing a Novel Fractal Matching Network," IEEE AP-S Conference 2012, in press, February 2012.
Taoran Le et al. “A Novel Graphene-Based Inkjet-Printed WISP-Enabled Wireless Gas Sensor”, EuMW2012, June 2012.
Xiaohua Yi et al. “Passive Wireless Frequency Doubling Antenna Sensor for Strain and Crack Sensing”, Proceedings of the ASME 2012 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, SMASIS2012, June 2012.