Muhammad Fahad Farooqui graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from KAUST under the supervision of Professor Atif Shamim. He is now a Post Doctoral Fellow in Concordia University Canada​. Muhammad has over 10 years of experience in design, development, integration, and testing of RF/microwave/millimeter-wave circuits and systems and antennas. He is also an expert in developing wireless sensor nodes using additive manufacturing such as 3D printing and inkjet printing for environmental and health applications. His research has been published in over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences for which he has received a number of awards including best paper finalist in IEEE MTT-S IMS, honorable mention paper in IEEE International AP-S Symposium and best paper award in the Middle East Conference on Antennas and Propagation. He is an expert in using CAD tools such as HFSS, ADS, and Cadence, as well as AutoCAD and C++.

Research Interest

Muhammad's research interests include Microwave circuits, Antennas, CMOS RFICs.

Education Profile

  • Ph.D.Electrical Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA.
  • B.E. Electronics Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

Selected Publications

M.F. Farooqui, Junseok Chae, B. Towe, A. Abbaspour-Tamijani, "An experimental verification of a microwave backscatter tag for recording neural signals," IEEE Antennas Propag. Society Intl. Symp., pp. 1-4 , 5-11 July 2008.
Abbas Abbaspour-Tamijani, Muhammad F. Farooqui, Bruce C. Towe, Junseok Chae, "A miniature fully-passive microwave back-scattering device for short-range telemetry of neural potentials," IEEE Engg. in Med. and Bio. Society, 30th Annual Intl. Conf., pp. 129 - 132, 20-25 Aug. 2008.
Yu-Jiun Ren, M. F. Farooqui, and Kai Chang, “A compact dual- frequency rectifying antenna with high-orders harmonic rejection,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., vol. 55, no. 7, pp. 2110- 2113, July 2007.