Nasir Mahmood is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. Nasir received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan. He completed his research work through collaboration with the University of Birmingham (UK) and Pohang University of Science and Technology (KOR). He has contributed various research works in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. His current area of research is 2D-metamaterials, meta-optics and -photonics, and Optical System Design. He is a member of IEEE, SPIE, and OSA.   

Selected Publications

1. Sabiha Latif, et al., "Spin-selective angular dispersion control in dielectric metasurfaces for multichannel meta-holographic display," Nano Letters, 23 (4), pp. 1195–1201, (2024).

2. Nasir Mahmood, et al., "Highly efficient broadband spin-multiplexed metadevices for futuristic imaging applications," Results in Physics, 54 (107122), pp. 1-7, (2023).

3. Nasir Mahmood, et al., "Generating broadband nondiffracting perfect vortex beams in the visible regime," Journal of Materials 4Research, pp. 1-10, (2023).

4. Nasir Mahmood, et al., "Broadband single-cell-driven multifunctional metalensing," Optical Materials Express, 13 (3), pp. 575-585 (2023).

5. Aqsa Asad, et al., "Spin-isolated ultraviolet-visible dynamic meta-holographic displays with liquid crystal modulators," Nanoscale Horizons, 8, pp. 759-766, (2023).

6. Azhar Javed, et al., "A highly efficient broadband multi-functional metaplate", Nanoscale Advances, 5, pp. 2010-2016, (2023).

7. Nasir Mahmood, et al., "Ultraviolet-Visible Multifunctional Vortex Metaplates by Breaking Conventional Rotational Symmetry," Nano Letters, 23, 4, pp. 1195-1201, (2023).

8. M. Danial Shafqat, et al., "Highly Efficient Perfect Vortex Beams Generation Based on All-Dielectric Metasurface for Ultraviolet Light," Nanomaterials, 12(19), 3285, (2022).

9. Nasir Mahmood, et al., "Twisted non-diffracting beams through all dielectric meta-axicons," Nanoscale 11, 43, pp. 20571–20578, (2019).

10. M. Afnan Ansari, et al., "Spin-encoded All-dielectric Metahologram for Visible Light," Laser & Photonics Reviews 13, 1900065, pp. 1–9 (2019).

11. Nasir Mahmood, et al., "Polarization Insensitive Multifunctional Metasurfaces Based upon all Dielectric Nanowaveguides," Nanoscale 10, 38, pp. 18323–18330, (2018).

Education Profile


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, RIMMS, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan - 2020