IVth KAUST MaS Workshop on Modelling and Simulation

The workshop provides a forum for researchers to present and discuss recent progress in modelling and simulation research. Topics are

  • Models based on partial differential equations
  • Novel models in biosciences
  • Computational methods in empirical sciences.
  • Numerical methods for partial differential equations
  • Historical and scientific background

Previous KAUST MaS workshops were held in 2017, 2018 and 2019

To download the Workshop's Agenda click here.


Monday, 21 March 2022

Day 1
Saudi Arabia(AST) Speakers Description
10:00 Tony Chan (KAUST President)

Opening Remarks


Gundolf Haase (Graz)

CFD Simulations in Cardivascular Systems

11:00 Coffee break Coffee break
11:45 Nigel Harris (Birmingham) Albrecht Dürer as Mathematician
12:30 Lunch break Lunch break
14:00 S. Majid Hassanizadeh (Utrecht, Stuttgart) Pore-scale modelling of flow and transport in porous media
14:45 Arne Nägel (Frankfurt) Efficient solution of transient non-linear flow problems in the subsurface
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 Dmitry Logashenko (KAUST) Simulation of dynamics of phreatic surface in the density-driven groundwater flow
16:45 Niklas Conen (Frankfurt) Modelling unsaturated, density driven flow using a generalized Richards equation
17:30 End of session End of session


Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Day 2
Saudi Arabia(AST) Speakers Description
9:00 Johannes Nitsche (Buffalo) A Microscopic Diffusion Model of the Cornified Cell Envelope: Permeability and Implications for Predicting Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery
9:45 Andreas Schafelner (Linz) Adaptive space-time finite element methods for parabolic optimal control problems
10:30 Coffee/Tea break Coffee/Tea break
11:00 Christoph Guembel (Weissach) The Changing Role of Numerical Simulation in the Development of Passenger Cars
11:45 Christian Wagner (Frankfurt) Leveraging classic logistic regression to build advanced machine learning type methods for product recommendations and event probability predictions
12:30 Lunch break Lunch break
14:00 Rolf Krause (Lugano) Coupling, Constraints, and Preconditioning for Multiphysics Simulations
14:45 Mohammed Alsayyari (KAUST) The capabilities of summation-by-parts operators for nonlinear stability of semidiscrete schemes
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 Ekaterina Vasilyeva (Frankfurt, Kaliningrad) Multilevel quasi Monte Carlo method for un-certainty quantification in groundwater flow
16:45 Joachim Heinze (Heidelberg) Scientific Publishing: Past, Present, Future - How the Web, Open Access and Artificial Intelligence are changing the Exchange of Scientific Information
17:30 End of session End of session


Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Day 3
Saudi Arabia(AST) Speakers Description
9:00 Ludmil Zikatanov (State College) Adaptive algebraic multigrid methods and Helmholtz decompositions on graphs
9:45 Daniele Boffi (KAUST) Advances on a fictitious domain approach for fluid-structure interaction problems
10:30 Coffee/Tea break Coffee/Tea break
11:00 Gillian Queisser (Philadelphia) Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
11:45 Alfio Grillo (Torino) Towards a fractional model of the electrophysiology of nerve fibers
12:30 Lunch break Lunch break
14:00 Mostafa Bachar (Riyadh) A mathematical model for the spread of COVID-19 and control mechanisms
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break
17:00 Lukas Larisch, Gabriel Wittum Beethoven Recital, Building 20, Room 2011


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