KAUST-GSIC Symposium on Hierarchical Solvers for Complex Flow Simulation

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The KAUST-GSIC Symposium on Hierarchical Solvers for Complex Flow Simulation is joint between the Extreme Computing Research Center (ECRC) at KAUST and the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC) at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. ECRC and GSIC share the goal of developing algorithms and software infrastructure for the post-petascale era through synergistic efforts between mathematicians, computer scientists, and computational scientists. Applications of interest include multiphase flows, plasma MHD, phase field methods, shallow water equations, lattice-Boltzmann methods, and techniques not normally associated with GPUs like adaptive mesh refinement as well as some that are like visualization. We look at this as a chance to expose those at KAUST who get out less than we do -- students and post-docs -- to some leading efforts. This will be an opportunity to initiate new collaborations and strengthen existing ones between Tokyo Tech. and KAUST.

Program (February 28)

09:00-09:30 Opening session : David Keyes

09:30-10:00 Talk 1 : Rio Yokota, Fast Multipole Preconditioners for Poisson Solvers

10:00-11:00 Talk 2 : Takayuki Aoki, Large-scale Complex Flow Simulations on a GPU Supercomputer

11:00-11:20 Coffee break 

11:20-11:50 Talk 3 : Wong Un Hong, Advanced GPU Direct-MPI Hybrid Framework for Efficient CFD/MHD Simulations with AMR on Multi-GPU Systems

11:50-12:20 Talk 4 : Kenta Sugihara, Two Phase Flow Simulation Based on the Interface-tracking Method on Multi-GPU Cluster

12:20-12:40 Group Photo

12:40-13:30 Lunch @ 3-5220

13:30-14:00 Talk 5 : Matteo Parsani, Computational Fluid Dynamics: Mathematics, Computing and (Originally) Flight. Where are we heading?

14:00-14:30 Talk 6 : Bok Jik Lee, Turbulent Combustion Studies for Efficient Engines

14:30-15:00 Talk 7 :  Fabrizio Bisetti, Direct Numerical Simulation of Trubulent Lean Methane-Air Bunsen Flames with Mixture 

15:00-15:20 Coffee break

15:20-15:50 Talk 8 : Ravi Samtaney, An Embedded-Boundary AMR Method for Compressible Flow in Moving Complex GeometryInhomogeneities 

15:50-16:20 Talk 9 : David Keyes, CFD Codes on Multicore Architectures

16:20-16:30 Closing session

17:30-18:30 Sunset Concert @ KAUST Library

19:00-21:00 Dinner @ Thuwal fish restaurant

Participants from Titech

Takayuki Aoki

Shinobu Yamaguchi

Sukhbaatar Javzan

Rio Yokota

Kenta Sugihara

Wong Un Hong

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