Quantum Computing with Xanadu

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Xanadu is a Canadian quantum computing company with the mission to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere. Xanadu is one of the world’s leading quantum hardware and software companies and also leads the development of PennyLane, an open-source software library for quantum computing and application development.

In this talk, attendees will learn about differentiable quantum programming and how it can be used for doing quantum chemistry and quantum machine learning. They will get an overview of Xanadu’s photonic architecture and learn about some of our key areas of research and development. By the end of the session, they will have a comprehensive understanding of the PennyLane library and how it can be used to leverage quantum computing to explore different problems.

Brief Biography

Catalina holds a MSc. in Electronics from Los Andes University and Engineering Diploma from IMT Atlantique in France, with a research focus on autonomous systems. She’s currently Quantum Community Manager at Xanadu, where she helps build the community around PennyLane. Today she’s working with professors from around the world, helping them include quantum programming in their courses. In the past, Catalina worked at IBM, where she was an IBM Quantum Ambassador, and at GreenYellow Colombia, where she was Project Manager for energy efficiency projects.

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