Algebraic Structures from beginning to Lie algebras-Part 2

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Mathematically, an algebraic structure comprises a set A (also known as the carrier set, domain, or underlying set), which is
non-empty. It is accompanied by a collection of operations on A, usually binary operations such as multiplication and addition.
Additionally, there is a finite set of axioms, known as identities, to which these operations must adhere to.
An algebraic structure can be built on other algebraic structures, with operations and axioms involving multiple
This brief course will cover several algebraic structures, beginning with groups and culminating with algebras. Our primary
the focus will be on Lie algebras, and we will introduce the essential properties and results necessary to comprehend the structure of Lie algebras and other related structures.


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Amir Baklouti is an Associate Professor of the Department at Umm Al-Qura University KSA

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