Multiscale numerical methods. Theory and Practice

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Building 9, Level 3, Room 3128


In this talk, I will talk about general approaches for multiscale modeling (closely related to porous media applications). I will mainly focus on numerical approaches, where multiscale finite element basis functions are constructed and used in approximating the solution. In these approaches, macroscopic equations are formed via some variational formulations of the problem. I will discuss how these approaches are used in deriving, so called upscaling techniques and the relation to well-known upscaling methods. The concepts discussed in the talk are used for linear and nonlinear problems. I will discuss some applications. 

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Yalchin Efendiev is the Mobil Chair in Computational Sciences, Professor of Mathematics, and the Director of Institute for Scientific Computation. He is 2017 AMS Fellow and 2020 SIAM Fellow. He was an invited speaker of ICM in 2014.

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