Mobility-Aware User Association in Uplink Cellular Networks

R. Arshad and H. Elsawy and S. Sorour and M. S. Alouini and T. Y. Al-Naffouri, "Mobility-Aware User Association in Uplink Cellular Networks",  IEEE Communications Letters.   vol. 21 , pp. 2452-2455, Nov 2017.


This letter studies the mobility aware user-to-base station (BS) association policies, within a stochastic geometry framework, in two-tier uplink cellular networks with fractional channel inversion power control. Particularly, we model the BSs’ locations using the widely accepted Poisson point process and obtain the coverage probability and handover cost expressions for the coupled and decoupled uplink and downlink associations. To this end, we compute the average throughput for the mobile users and study the merits and demerits of each association strategy.

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