Navigating the R&D Landscape for Open RAN Commercialization

Dr Tareq Al-Naffouri was part of an exciting panel discussion at the R&D Forum for Open RAN & 6G, hosted by the Research, Development and Innovation Authority (RDIA). Alongside esteemed panelists including Abdulrahman Almoaiqel, Prof. Khalid Almashouq, Munish Chhabra, and moderators Dr Muhammad Alrabeiah and Ahmad Talaat, Dr. Tareq Al-Naffouri explored the dynamic landscape of Open RAN commercialization and the promising horizons of 6G networks. He underscored the significance of ORAN for both academia and industry, highlighting how MOBiSENSE leverages it for mobility analytics and AI applications. His insights shed light on the successful synergy between industry and academia, serving as a model for fruitful collaboration between academic institutions and local stakeholders in Saudi Arabia.
The exchange of ideas and insights was truly enlightening, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of network technologies.
Grateful for the invitation from Abdullah Aljohani, PhD, and Dr Muhammad Alrabeiah. Looking forward to continuing this journey of discovery and progress.
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