If you are afraid to take a risk, look at the opportunity it presents. You will find the motivation then

While many may fear risk, Hussain Shibli embraces it, choosing to see the opportunities that may arise from stepping out of his comfort zone. It's a quality that has served him well throughout his career.

Shibli is currently working as director general of the National Renewable Energy Data Center in King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE) in Riyadh. Although it's a managerial role, Shibli noted the technical path he followed has equipped him well for his job.

In 2010, Shibli graduated with a bachelor of science specializing in electronics and communications engineering from King Abdulaziz University. Shortly afterwards, he took up a position as instrument maintenance engineer at SAFCO (an affiliate of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation [SABIC]).

However, Shibli wanted to improve his knowledge and skills and decided to go to graduate school, choosing KAUST for his master's degree in applied mathematical and computational science. He graduated from KAUST in 2013 with his degree.

Hussain Shibli Alumni
KAUST alumnus Hussain Shibli (M.S. ’13) (third from left) speaks during an Alumni Panel as part of the University's Fall Career Fair in October 2017. Photo by Asharaf K. AbdulRahman. 

"Studying at KAUST was a unique opportunity," he noted. "The University consists of the necessary pillars for success—brilliant professors, a well-prepared environment, advanced labs and selective students."
Given the global concern for energy sources, Shibli sees his position in the energy sector as an enormous opportunity to lead the development of renewable energy.

"In Saudi Arabia, we are moving through the National Transformation Program toward the Kingdom's Vision 2030. To accomplish this requires lots of work and focus, but there is the potential to accomplish great things," he said.

Shibli is keen to make the most of opportunities and embrace challenges. He and his wife and daughter relocated to a new city where they had no relatives while coping with a full and continuous workload. During this busy time, he was able to stay focused on his personal objectives without letting the "busyness" become an excuse.
"If you are afraid to take a risk, look at the opportunity it presents. You will find the motivation then," Shibli said.

Selected Publications

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