ANPERC Open Door 2023

ANPERC Open Door 2023 was held on 2 March 2023

The theme “Research for the Future of Saudi Arabia” has been chosen for KAUST Research Open Week (KROW) held from 27 February 2023 to 2 March 2023. Among the week’s activities was ANPERC Open Door event where entire KAUST community were welcome to join and experience the various research activities performed by ANPERC. 

This behind the scenes look into ANPERC research facilities was hosted by research experts who were pleased to answer questions on the instrumentation, processes and research activities that support and enable to world leading insights, innovation and discoveries produces at KAUST. Among the researchers involved were four representatives from MERGE group, Alexis Koulidis, Guang Ooi, Jelena Skenderija and Zia Ullah.

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