We offer Master’s Thesis Research (CS 297), Doctoral Dissertation Research (CS 397), Directed Research (CS 299/CS399) to our KAUST students. For students outside KAUST, we host Saudi Internship Programs and the Visiting Students Research Program.



Since Fall 2019

CS 248 | Computer Graphics

The Computer Graphics course teaches the fundamentals of computer graphics based on the book "Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 4th Edition by Steve Marschner and Peter Shirley". The course first reviews the basic mathematical background necessary for computer graphics. Then fundamental computer graphics methods are being presented, such as the graphics pipeline, ray tracing, surface shading, and texturing. After the basal computer graphics knowledge, fundamental theoretical background from signal processing and sampling are explained necessary for the comprehension of furthermore advanced computer graphics topics. Advanced topics will include computer animation, global illumination, light, color, introduction to visual perception and tone mapping, as well as global illumination, hardware-accelerated rasterization graphics, computer graphics in games, and visualization.


Since Spring 2019

CS 390H | Special Topics in Visualization

The course starts by discussing the role of human visual perception in visualization. Then illustrative techniques that directly take the human processing into account in designing effective visualizations are explained. First algorithms for effective visual appearance models are explained, such as illustrative shading and line drawing techniques. Afterwards, techniques that expressively convey data insights, such as visibility management techniques, guidance, and navigation techniques are covered. Finally, the course introduces various forms of experimental research for visualization design on how to design a user experiment and how to analyze it.