Photoelectrochemical research wins gold and silver in Hong Kong

KAUST PhD student Hui-Chun Fu and Postdoctoral fellow Purushothaman Varadhan won the Materials Today Rising Star Poster Award (Silver Awards), at Nano 2018 conference, Hong Kong.
Video by Francesca Serra.

The 2018 NANO Conference, which took place at the City University of Hong Kong in late June, was spearheaded by the International Committee on Nanostructured Materials (ICNM) and is a traditional meeting place for nanomaterials researchers. There, state-of-the-art research and the latest advanced findings in the field are presented.

Ph.D. student Hui-Chun Fu and postdoctoral fellow Purushothaman Varadhan, researchers from KAUST Professor Jr-Hau He's lab, presented the findings of their research at the conference, winning two prestigious awards: the Materials Today Rising Star Poster Award (Silver Award) and the NANO2018 Session Theme Poster Award. Research in He's lab focuses on converting solar energy into a storable form of energy such as hydrogen and other fuels to use in the renewable energy market.

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