This is your light speaking, how can I help you?

Prof. Salama's Smart Lighting System won the 1st prize at WEP Science Fair with a device that will change the way we interact with light.‹
How many times you've left home with the feeling you'd forgotten something? Did I lock the door? Did I switch off the light? The Smart Lighting System Project, carried on by Prof. Khaled Salama and his team, will help us forget about those morning doubts. With the very mobile phone, we're using to call our family or text our friends we will be able to call our home and switch on or off the light from anywhere in the world.

The system that can be used by any android smartphone won the first prize at the Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) 2015 Science Fair, held on January 19 at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. Prof. Salama's team presented the project to an enthusiastic public of students, teachers and university staff. The exhibit consisted of an installation of RGB light bulbs under a diffuser dome at the command of the public that, interacting with their smartphones, manage to change the light color and intensity in the distance. The Smart Lighting System Project is a step forward to achieve full home automation that will enable the elderly and disable people to an independent life and make life easier for the rest of us.