Challenging multidisciplinary tasks at the forefront of technological advances, and a welcoming and safe community are some of many reasons I joined KAUST.


Extensive experience in industry and academia has been a continuous source of multidisciplinary tasks. I strive to translate the strategy into action and business requirements into conceptual, logical, and physical architectures and recommend, design structures and tools for systems that meet business and future needs. Senior technical expertise and ethics have served as guideposts to inform decision-making and the setting of the strategic direction. The diversity of roles has provided opportunities to drive innovation and continuous improvement. 

Selected Publications

Porfido, N., Bezuglov, N. N., Bruvelis, M., Shayeganrad, G., Birindelli, S., Tantussi, F., … Fuso, F. (2015). Nonlinear effects in optical pumping of a cold and slow atomic beam. Physical Review A, 92(4). doi:10.1103/physreva.92.043408
Bruvelis, M., Ulmanis, J., Bezuglov, N. N., Miculis, K., Andreeva, C., Mahrov, B., Tretyakov, D., Ekers, A. (2012). Analytical model of transit time broadening for two-photon excitation in a three-level ladder and its experimental validation. Physical Review A, 86(1).
Kirova, T., Cinins, A., Efimov, D. K., Bruvelis, M., Miculis, K., Bezuglov, N. N., Auzinsh, M., Ryabtsev, I.I., Ekers, A. (2017). Hyperfine interaction in the Autler-Townes effect: The formation of bright, dark, and chameleon states. Physical Review A, 96(4). doi:10.1103/physreva.96.043421