Challenging multidisciplinary tasks at the forefront of technological advances, and a welcoming and safe community are some of many reasons I joined KAUST.
Martins Bruvelis, Computer, Digital Content Producer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering


Extensive background in basic scientific research and experience in web development, visual design, technical support, programming, and data analysis, ranging from pattern recognition to predictive analytics, has been a continuous source of challenging multidisciplinary tasks providing opportunities for continual refinement of a wide range of technical skills and scientific expertise. Systematic and precise approach to complex tasks, ability to learn quickly and communicate with efficiency has been the foundation for completing research projects, administrative tasks and providing professional customer service.

Selected Publications

Porfido, N., Bezuglov, N. N., Bruvelis, M., Shayeganrad, G., Birindelli, S., Tantussi, F., … Fuso, F. (2015). Nonlinear effects in optical pumping of a cold and slow atomic beam. Physical Review A, 92(4). doi:10.1103/physreva.92.043408
Bruvelis, M., Ulmanis, J., Bezuglov, N. N., Miculis, K., Andreeva, C., Mahrov, B., Tretyakov, D., Ekers, A. (2012). Analytical model of transit time broadening for two-photon excitation in a three-level ladder and its experimental validation. Physical Review A, 86(1).
Kirova, T., Cinins, A., Efimov, D. K., Bruvelis, M., Miculis, K., Bezuglov, N. N., Auzinsh, M., Ryabtsev, I.I., Ekers, A. (2017). Hyperfine interaction in the Autler-Townes effect: The formation of bright, dark, and chameleon states. Physical Review A, 96(4). doi:10.1103/physreva.96.043421