Research Interest

Samer Allouch's research interest is focused on the numerical solution of the fractional diffusion equation using smoothed particle approximations.

Education Profile

  • ​2011 PhD in Mathematics, Thesis : « Finite Categories Classification » Dieudonné Laboratory - University of Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France
  • 2007 Master 2 Research in Fundamental Mathematics - University of Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France.
  • 2006 Master 1 in General Mathematics – Lebanese University –Tripoli - Lebanon

Selected Publications

Allouch, S., & Simpson, C. (2017). Classification of categories with matrices of coefficient 2 and order n. Communications in Algebra, 46(7), 3079–3091. doi:10.1080/00927872.2017.1404081
Allouch, S., Lucchesi, M., Maître, O. P. L., Mustapha, K. A., Knio, O. (2017). Particle Simulation of Fractional Diffusion Equations, (Preprint).