KG-3 Students from The KAUST School vist RISC Lab

On May 18, 2023, KG-3 students (Ms. Fabiana's class) from TKS had the opportunity to visit the KAUST Robotics, Intelligent Systems, and Control (RISC) Lab. During the visit, the lab members Kuat Telegenov, Mohammed Aldosari, Nawaf Alotaibi, and Obadah Wali gave the students a tour of the lab.

First, the students received an introduction to the basic concepts of robotics. They learned about the different components that constitute a robot, such as sensors, actuators, and controllers. Additionally, the students learned about the different types of robots, including drones, manipulators, 3D printers, and ROVs. This exposure allows them to gain a deeper understanding of concepts such as construction, deconstruction, and creativity. 

After learning about the basics of robotics, the students were guided through the RISC lab where they were exposed to a variety of robots and tools, and they were given the opportunity to interact with some of the robots. Of particular interest to the students were the underwater robots, as they were amazed at their ability to navigate their way into the pool. Similarly, the flying robots, specifically drones, captured their attention with their hovering and maneuvering abilities using only propellers, rather than traditional wings.

The students showed great enthusiasm and curiosity toward the field of robotics. They asked multiple questions regarding the functioning and programming of robots. The students are now more interested in robotics and excited to explore more about it. Robotics education in the KG classes presents an excellent opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving skills, creativity, teamwork, and STEM knowledge. The kids received small gifts from the lab at the end of their visit.