Prof. Gao: AI robotics for sustainable space exploration and exploitation

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AI robotics for sustainable space exploration and exploitation


The global space sector moves toward the New Space era driven by commercialization and resource exploitation, where AI robotics will play central roles and be directly responsible for meeting stringent requirements in cost, operability, reusability, and sustainability of long-lived assets in the harsh space environments. The invited talk present some latest research work and technology development involving robotic vision, machine learning and biomimetic mechanisms, appliable to mission scenarios such as formation flying, on-obit assembly, active debris removal, planetary sample return and in-situ resource utilization, etc.


Professor Yang Gao FIET FRAeS, is the Professor of Space Autonomous Systems at University of Surrey and heads the multi-award winning Space Technology for Autonomous and Robotic systems Laboratory (STAR LAB). She specializes in robotic sensing, perception, visual GNC and biomimetic mechanisms for industrial applications in the extreme environments. Prof. Gao brings over 20 years of research experience in developing robotics and autonomous systems, having been the PI of inter/nationally teamed projects funded by UK Research Innovation (EPSRC/STFC/InnovateUK), Royal Academy of Engineering, European Commission, European Space Agency (ESA), UK Space Agency as well as various industrial companies. She is also actively involved in design and development of real-world space missions including ESA ExoMars, Proba3 and lunar VMMO, UK MoonLITE/Moonraker, and CNSA Chang'E3. Besides her own research activities, Prof. Gao provides a range of professional services to the wider space and robotics community, such as being the Editor-in-Chief of Wiley’s Journal of Field Robotics, and being the Mentor of United Nations Space4Women program.

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