ECE/CS 230: Computer Systems Security 

Computer systems are essential in every part of our personal and professional life (e.g., online banking, social networking, etc.). These tasks can however expose the users to various security threats (e.g., credit card number theft, personal information leakage). Therefore, there is a need for designing secure computer systems. This course teaches both theoretical and practical concepts of cybersecurity. The course will cover an introduction to the most important features of computer security, including topics such as symmetric ciphers, public key cryptosystems, digital signatures, hashes, message authentication codes, key management and distribution, authentication protocols, vulnerabilities and malware, access control, network security. The class will provide students with the necessary knowledge for designing secure computer systems and programs and methods for defending against malicious threats (e.g., viruses, worms, denial of service).

Terms Offered: Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Fall 2023

ECE/CS 314: Electric Grid Security and Resilience

The electric power grid is a complex cyber-physical energy system that forms the backbone of critical infrastructure. The technology of electric power system operations and control has undergone significant changes during the past several years. These technological advancements within the grid improve reliability and capacity, but can introduce new vulnerabilities (e.g., with a growing number of connected embedded devices incorporating communication and control capabilities). The focus of this course is on electric power systems security and resilience in the context of adversarial threats. It examines the landscape of modern/smart/intelligent grid systems covering analysis and operation of the traditional power grid, the new challenges, and the emerging technologies that make the grid vulnerable. The emphasis is on the electric grid analysis, operation, and management, control architecture, and software systems.

Terms Offered: Spring 2023, Spring 2024