At CEMSE I found an excellent scientific environment. Big researchers from different backgrounds help me to gain expertise in computing plus awareness of several scientific applications in this area, especially in Statistics. Here I learn that you can do the same task at less time with the familiarity of the problem at your hand. More reading equals to fewer efforts to deal with your target problem. Finding an academic job at a big university is my dream. Assistant professor position is my next step to spread out my research ideas and transfer the knowledge I have gained from CEMSE to new hunger students.
Sameh Abdulah Research Scientist, ECRC



  • ​PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA (2016).
  • MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA (2014).
  • BSc and MSc in Computer Science, Egypt (2005-2009).

Dr. Sameh Abdulah is a Research Scientist at the Extreme Computing Research Center.


Finding a university that believes in multi-disciplinary is challenging. KAUST multi-disciplinary vision aims to fill the gaps between different research fields to serve the human needs and consolidate the understanding of this mysterious world. Each country should have its KAUST to change the common vision of research around the world.

Why HPC?

High-performance Computing (HPC) is a way to move science from a limited scale to non-expected scale. Scalability means more analysis, understanding, and learning of the existing science. The era of HPC will reproduce a new understanding of the world with a higher capability of controlling and benefiting from it beside discovering more and more secrets!

Research Interests

Adding the HPC capabilities to existing science is a big challenge. Statistics has a huge number of tools and methods that can be more attractive if they scaled up. Dr Abdulah is doing this by working through two different groups to transfer knowledge and experience between two different views of the same problem. In other words, he is moving the traditional statistical tools and methods to the HPC era.

Selected Publications

Abdulah, S., Ltaief, H., Sun, Y., Genton, M. G., Keyes, D. E. (2017). ExaGeoStat: A High Performance Unified Framework for Geostatistics on Manycore Systems, (Preprint).