Wenxuan Zhang joined KAUST in 2022 as a CS Ph.D student. Previous to KAUST, she got her master’s and bachelor’s degree in math and applied math. she hope to leverage the strengths of mathematics to advance machine learning.

Education and early career:

‌She received her M.A. majoring in applied mathematics and computational science, from University of Pennsylvania, 2021. Before joining Upenn,  she received her bachelor degree in science, majoring in mathematics and applied mathematics, from Beijing Normal University, 2019.She was in the ‘National Plan for Cultivating Top-notch Students of Basic Disciplines’ program during my undergrad.

Scientific focus/Research interest:

Currently she is focusing on continual learning,  a subfield of machine learning, and computer vision. More generally, Her interest is in any form of knowledge transformation and inheritage in machine learning and computer vision, especially when the improvement of the knowledge preservation method is triggered by mathematics or statistics or has a solid theory foundation.