Published Conference Papers  

1.    Eslam Mohamed Bakr, Yasmeen Youssef Alsaedy, Mohamed Elhoseiny. “Look Around and Refer: 2D Synthetic Semantics Knowledge Distillation for 3D Visual Grounding”, NeurIPS, 2022
2.    Guocheng Qian, Yuchen Li, Houwen Peng, Jinjie Mai, Hasan Abed Al Kader Hammoud, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Bernard Ghanem. “PointNeXt: Revisiting PointNet++ with Improved Training and Scaling Strategies”, NeurIPS, 2022
3.    Yuchen Li*, Habib Slim*, Ujjwal Upadhyay*, Ahmed Abdelreheem, Arpit Prajapati, Suhail Pothigara, Peter Wonka, Mohamed Elhoseiny,    “3D CoMPaT: Composition of Materials on Parts of 3D Things”, ECCV (oral), 2022, *, Equal contribution. 
4.    Kai Yi, Xiaoqian Shen, Yunhao Gou, Mohamed Elhoseiny, “Exploring hierarchical graph representation for large-scale zero-shot image classification”, ECCV, 2022.    
5.    Abduallah Mohamed, Deyao Zhu, Warren Vu, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Christian Claudel, “Social-Implicit: Rethinking Trajectory Prediction Evaluation and The Effectiveness of Implicit Maximum Likelihood Estimation”, ECCV, 2022
6.    Youssef Mohamed, Faizan Khan, Kilichbek Haydarov, Mohamed Elhoseiny, It is Okay to Not Be Okay: Overcoming Emotional bias in Affective Image Captioning by Contrastive Data Collection, CVPR, 2022
7.    Jun Chen, Han Guo, Kai Yi, Boyang Li, Mohamed Elhoseiny, VisualGPT: Data-efficient Adaptation of Pretrained Language Models for Image Captioning, CVPR, 2022
8.    Jun Chen, Aniket Agarwal, Sherif Abdelkarim, Deyao Zhu, Mohamed Elhoseiny, RelTransformer: A Transformer-Based Long-Tail Visual Relationship Recognition, CVPR, 2022
9.    Ivan Skorokhodov, Sergey Tulyakov, Mohamed Elhoseiny, StyleGAN-V: A Continuous Video Generator with the Price, Image Quality and Perks of StyleGAN2, CVPR, 2022. 
10.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Kai Yi, Mohamed Elfeki,  CIZSL++: Creativity Inspired Generative Zero-shot Learning, TPAMI, (Major revision), 2022
11.    Divyansh Jha, Kai Yi, Ivan Skorokhodov,  Mohamed Elhoseiny,  Creative Walk Adversarial Networks: Novel Art Generation with Probabilistic Random Walk Deviation from Style Norms, ICCC, 2022
12.    Ahmed Abdelreheem, Ujjwal Upadhyay, Ivan Skorokhodov, Rawan Al Yahya, Jun Chen, Mohamed Elhoseiny, “3DRefTransformer: Fine-Grained Object Identification in Real-World Scenes Using Natural Language”, WACV, Algorithms track,  2022
13.    Ivan Skorokhodov, Grigory Sotnikov, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Aligning Latent and Image Spaces to Connect the Unconnectable, ICCV 2021
14.    Sherif Abdelkarim, Aniket Agarwal, Panos Achlioptas, Jun Chen, Jiaji Huang, Boyang Li, Kenneth Church, and Mohamed Elhoseiny, Exploring Long Tail Visual Relationship Recognition with Large Vocabulary, ICCV, 2021
15.    Motion Forecasting with Unlikelihood Training Deyao Zhu, Mohamed Zahran, Li Erran Li, Mohamed Elhoseiny, CoRL(oral), 2021
16.    Divyansh Jha, Hanna Chang, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Wölfflin's Affective Generative Analysis of Artworks, ICCC, 2021
17.    Ivan Skorokhodov, Savva Ignatyev, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Adversarial Generation of Continuous Images, CVPR, 2021
18.    Panos Achlioptas, Maks Ovsjanikov, Kilichbek Haydarov, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Leonidas Guibas, ArtEmis: Affective Language for Art , CVPR (oral), 2021. 
19.    Ivan Skorokhodov, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Class Normalization for (Generalized)? Continual Zero-Shot Learning, ICLR, 2021
20.    Deyao Zhu, Mohamed Zahran, Li Erran Li, Mohamed Elhoseiny, HalentNet: Multimodal Trajectory Forecasting with Hallucinative Intents, ICLR, 2021
21.    Ahmed ayyad, Yuchen Li, Raden Muaz, Shadi Albarqouni*, Mohamed Elhoseiny*,  “Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Learning with Prototypical Random Walks”, AAAI Meta Learning workshop (oral), 2021,  * Equal senior authorship. . 
22.    Panos Achlioptas, Ahmed Abdelreheem, Fei Xia, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Leonidas Guibas, ReferIt3D: Neural Listeners for Fine-Grained Object Identification in Real World 3D Scenes (oral, 1 %  acceptance rate). ECCV, 2020.
23.    Yuanpeng Li, Liang Zhao, Ken Church, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Compositional Continual Language Learning, ICLR, 2020
24.    Abduallah Mohamed, Kun Qian, Mohamed Elhoseiny**, Christian Claudel**, “Social-STGCNN: A Social Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Human Trajectory Prediction”, CVPR, 2020, ** indicates equal advising,
25.    Sayna Ebrahimi, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Trevor Darrell, Marcus Rohrbach
Uncertainty-guided Continual Learning with Bayesian Neural Networks, ICLR, 2020
26.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Mohamed Elfeki, “Creativity Inspired Zero-Shot Learning”, ICCV, 2019. 
27.    Mohamed Elfeki, Camille Couprie, Mohamed Elhoseiny, “Learning Diverse Generations using Determinantal Point Processes”, ICML, 2019
28.    Mennatullah Siam, Chen Jiang, Steven Lu, Laura Petrich, Mahmoud Gamal, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Martin Jagersand. "Video Segmentation using Teacher-Student Adaptation in a Human Robot Interaction (HRI) Setting.", ICRA, 2019
29.    Arslan Chaudhry, Marc’Aurelio Ranzato, Marcus Rohrbach, Mohamed Elhoseiny, “Efficient Lifelong Learning with A-GEM”, ICLR, 2019
30.    Ji Zhang,Yannis Khaladis, Marcus Rohbrach, Manohar Paluri, Ahmed Elgammal, Mohamed Elhoseiny, “Large-Scale Visual Relationship Understanding”, AAAI, 2019
31.    Ramprasaath Selvaraju, Prithvijit Chattopadhyay, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Tilak Sharma, Dhruv Batra, Devi Parikh, Stefan Lee, “Choose your Neuron: Incorporating Domain Knowledge through Neuron Importance”, ECCV, 2018
32.    Rahaf Aljundi, Francesca Babiloni, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Marcus Rohrbach, Tinne Tuytelaars, “Memory Aware Synapses: Learning what (not) to forget”, ECCV, 2018
33.    Yizhe Zhu, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Bingchen Liu, Ahmed Elgammal, “Imagine it for me: Generative Adversarial Approach for Zero-Shot Learning from Noisy Texts”, CVPR, 2018
34.    Othman Sbai, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Camille Couprie, Antoine Bordes, Yann LeCun, “DesIGN: Design Inspiration from Generative Networks”,  best paper award at ECCVW18
35.    Ahmed Elgammal, Bingchen Liu, and Diana Kim, and Mohamed Elhoseiny, and Marian Mazzone, “The Shape of Art History in the Eyes of the Machine”, AAAI, 2018  (oral)
36.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Francesca Babiloni, Rahaf Aljundi, Marcus Rohrbach, Tinne Tuytelaars, “Exploring the Challenges towards Lifelong Fact Learning”, ACCV, 2018 
37.    Mohamed Elhoseiny*, Yizhe Zhu*, Han Zhang, Ahmed Elgammal, “Link the head to the "peak'': Zero Shot Learning from Noisy Text descriptions at Part Precision”,  International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR, 2017
38.    Ji Zhang*, Mohamed Elhoseiny*, Walter Chang, Scott Cohen, Ahmed Elgammal, "Relationship Proposal Networks", International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017, * equal contribution
39.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Scott Cohen, Walter Chang, Brian Price, Ahmed Elgammal, “Sherlock: Scalable Fact Learning in Images”, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2017, acceptance rate 24%. 
40.    Ahmed Elgammal and Bingchen Liu, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Marian Mazzone, “Creative Adversarial Networks: Generating "Art" by Learning About Styles and Deviating from Style Norms”,  International Conference on Computational  Creativity, ICCC, 2017
41.    Mohamed Elhoseiny*, Tarek-El-Gaaly*, Amr Bakry*, Ahmed Elgammal, “A Comparative Analysis and Study of Multiview Convolutional Neural Network Models for Joint Object Categorization and Pose Estimation”, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2016, acceptance rate 24.5% (oral).   
42.    Amr Bakry*, Mohamed Elhoseiny*, Tarek-El-Gaaly,* Ahmed Elgammal, “Digging Deep into the layers of CNNs: In Search of How CNNs Achieve View Invariance”, International Conference on Learning Representation (ICLR), 2016 (average review scores is 7/10), acceptance rate 25% *Co-first authors.
43.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Jingen Liu, Hui Cheng, Harpreet Sawhney, Ahmed Elgammal, “Zero Shot Event Detection by Multimodal Distributional Semantic Embedding of Videos”, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2016 (oral), acceptance rate 25.6%.
44.    Han Zhang, Tao Xu, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Xiaolei  Huang,  Shaoting  Zhang,  Ahmed  Elgammal, Dimitris Metaxas,
“SPDA-CNN: Unifying Semantic Part Detection and Abstraction for Fine-grained Recognition”, International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2016 , acceptance rate 29.9%. 
45.    Amr Baky, Tarek El-Gaaly, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, “Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation using a Nonlinear View-invariant Latent Generative Mode”, Winter Conference on Computer Vision (WACV), 2016 (to appear), algorithms track acceptance rate 30%. 
46.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, “Overlapping Domain Cover for Scalable and Accurate Kernel Regression Machines”, British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2015, oral acceptance rate 7%.
47.    Sheng Huang, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, “Learning Hypergraph-regularized Attribute Predictors”, International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015  (28.4%)
48.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, “Generalized Twin Gaussian Processes using Sharma-Mittal Divergence”, orally presented in  European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD), ~10% acceptance rate 
49.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Sheng Huang, Ahmed Elgammal, “Weather Classification with deep Convolutional Neural Networks”, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2015 (oral).
50.    Sheng Huang, Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, “Improving Non-Negative Matrix Factorization via Ranking Its Bases”, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2014. (44%)
51.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Babak Saleh, Ahmed Elgammal, “Write a Classifier: Zero-Shot Learning Using Purely Textual Descriptions”, International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013  (27.8%)
52.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Bing Song, Jeremi Sudol, David McKinnon. “Low-Bitrate Benefits of JPEG Compression on SIFT Recognition”, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2013 (44%).
53.    Mohamed Elhoseiny, Ahmed Elgammal, "English2MindMap: Automated system for Mind Map generation from Text”, International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM), 2012 (oral presentation)    

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