Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Methods for Compressible Flows at Low Mach Numbers


Coffee time: 15:30 - 16:00

We will present a comprehensive study of a finite volume method for inviscid and viscous flow fields at high and low speeds. Thereby, the results of a formal asymptotic low Mach number analysis are used to extend the validity of the numerical method from the simulation of compressible flow fields at transonic as well as supersonic speed to the low Mach number regime. To overcome the well-known failure of compressible numerical method in the low Mach number regime we combine the numerical flux function with a preconditioned formulation. Both, a wide variety of trans-, super-, hyper-, and subsonic realistic test cases as well as a formal discrete asymptotic single scale analysis are employed in order to prove the validity of the derived numerical method from hypersonic to low Mach number fluid flow.

Brief Biography

Andreas Meister is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Kassel.  He conducts research in numerical methods for differential equations, and received his PhD from the University of Gottingen.

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