Managing subsurface uncertainties in reservoir simulations: Applications to compositional flow and geothermal extraction


Coffee Time 15:30 -16:00

Reservoir simulation is an essential tool in reservoir engineering, enabling effective management and optimization of reservoirs. Despite minimal changes in the fundamental sciences since the development of reservoir simulators, advancements in computational power and linear solvers have significantly improved the technology. However, the reliability and ability to improve decision quality of reservoir models remain debatable. This talk will focus on the key limitations of reservoir simulation technology, highlighting industry workflows to address uncertainties such as high-resolution simulations and design of experiments. The talk will also cover two applications, compositional simulation for chemical-enhanced oil recovery and geothermal extraction.

Brief Biography

Hussein Hoteit is Professor in Reservoir Engineering and Program Chair of the Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering program at KAUST.  Prof. Hoteit’s current research includes improved oil recovery, geological CO2 storage, and reservoir simulation. Before joining KAUST, Prof. Hoteit worked for ConocoPhillips and Chevron Companies for about 12 years, where he conducted projects related to chemical- enhanced oil recovery (EOR), CO2-EOR, steam flood, and others.

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