Diagnosing mysterious diseases with new genomics tools. A short video presenting our new work on diagnosing patients using human phenotypes and model organisms.
Science Chat: Semantic Prioritization of Novel Causative Variants. KAUST Distinguished Professor Takashi Gojobori and Assistant Professor Robert Hoehndorf, together with Ph.D. student Imane Boudellioua and Dr. Paul Schofield, discuss their joint work on variant prioritization for Mendelian diseases.
Sci-Café: Can Big Data Solve My Health Problems? This exciting video shows the Sci-Café at KAUST, in which KAUST professors Takashi Gojobori, Xin Gao and Robert Hoehndorf discuss their work on using Big Data to solve health problems.
Unlocking the Mouse Genome to Fight Disease. KAUST Assistant Professor Robert Hoehndorf is participating in a worldwide collaborative effort to more fully understand mouse and human genomes. Many universities all over the world are working together in this study to better understand human diseases and how to treat them.
How much do model organism phenotypes contribute to the computational identification of human disease genes? PhD Student Sarah M Alghamdi from the Bio-Ontology Research Group (BORG) explains how phenotype ontologies help in identifying disease genes through phenotype comparison. Her research was picked as a highlight in the July 2022 issue of Disease Models and Mechanisms Journal.