Sarah Alghamdi defends her master's thesis

-By Rose Gregorio

Sarah Alghamdi successfully defended her master's thesis on April 10, 2018. Her project, entitled "Ontology Design Patterns for Combining Pathology and Anatomy: Application to Study Ageing and Longevity in Inbred Mouse Strains", was well-received by a panel of professors that included Professor Vladimir Bajic, Associate Professor Xin Gao and Assistant Professor Robert Hoehndorf.

Her work was also previously featured at the Spotlight on Young Talent portion of the KAUST Research Conference on Big Data Analyses in Evolutionary Biology in December 2017.

In her research, Sarah looked at a dataset characterized by two ontologies: pathological lesions and anatomical site of lesions in mice. Based on this she has developed four novel design patterns for combining these ontologies, and uses these patterns to generate four ontologies in a data-driven way.

KAUST CEMSE CS CBRC BORG Sarah Alghamdi Masters Defense


Sarah is currently a member of the Bio-Ontology Research Group (BORG) under Professor Hoehndorf. Her work is mainly focused on applications of Artificial Intelligence in bioinformatics and computational methods in data mining. Her past projects include applying word2vec to generate lexical embeddings and approximately match out of dictionary words in a dictionary of biological terms, and predicting research interest for authors using different graph embeddings.  

She is currently writing a paper on quantitative evaluation of ontology design patterns. After graduation she plans to stay at KAUST to pursue her Ph.D. degree.