Computational electromagnetics (CEM) is the science of designing and implementing fast and accurate Maxwell's equations solvers. The field of computational electromagnetics complements many branches of applied electromagnetics that often rely on experimentation. As importantly, it is an interdisciplinary field that interacts profoundly with the applied mathematics and computational sciences.



Application areas for codes developed under CEM research can be put into two groups:

  • Electromagnetics, optics, and photonics engineering
    • Radiation, radar, and electromagnetic sensing, detection, and imaging
    • Electromagnetic compatbility and interefence analysis
  • Multi-physics simulation frameworks (coupled problems of structural, thermal, and electromagnetic applications)
    • Composite antenna design
    • Chip design and packaging
    • Vehicle (spacecrafts, airplanes, cars) design
    • Material characterization 
    • Solution of coupled electromagnetic and seismic inverse problems