Paving the Way for Next Generation Wireless Networks

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Building 9, Level 2, Hall 1, Room 2322


In this talk, I will introduce several ongoing projects at the networking lab in KAUST. I will start by highlighting our research profile along with our mission. Then, I will walk you through our projects and contributions in the domains of the internet of things, visible light communication, underwater communication, and future 6G networks. I will focus on the challenges facing each project, highlight our solution methodology, and discuss some performance evaluation results. I will focus on our work on Aqua-Fi, which aims at bringing the Internet into the underwater environment. I will also focus on our recent project on the communication via breath. In this particular project, human-centric applications become one of the main features of the coming beyond 5G networks. As such, we aim to adopt the molecular communication concept and utilize human breath as a source of information to improve human daily life. We plan to use the Gas chromatography device to generate several profiles of the volatile organic compounds released from humans and use it with our developed machine learning algorithms to distinguish between different people, predict health issues, and develop indoor positioning systems and other systems/applications.

Brief Biography

Basem Shihada is an Associate and founding Professor in the Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences & Engineering (CEMSE) Division at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. In 2009, he was appointed as visiting faculty in the Department of Computer Science, Stanford University. In 2012, he was elevated to the rank of Senior Member of IEEE. His current research covers a range of topics in energy and resource allocation in wired and wireless networks, software-defined networking, internet of things, data networks, network security, and cloud/fog computing.

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