Visualization and segmentation in Geology and Oil exploration

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The talk will consist of two parts. First an introduction to important subsurface structures in relation to hydrocarbon extraction are given, followed by an overview of techniques to segment out and visualize these structures. The talk will include topics such as ground truth visualization of measured seismic data, automated object extraction for getting computer assistance in segmenting important structures in the seismic data such as horizons and faults and creation, and visualizing and visual fusion of multiattribute seismic data using the GPU.

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Daniel Patel received his PhD in visualization and analysis of seismic volumetric data in  2009. The PhD was taken jointly at Vienna University of Technology and at the University of Bergen (UIB). He has published several works dealing with fast interpretation and modelling of seismic structures, as well as illustrative visualization and sketch-based modelling for geology. He is currently working as Associate Professor II at Bergen University College, Norway.

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