A novel modeling technique for LEO satellite networks

Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite plays an indispensable role in the equal access network because of its low latency, large capacity, and seamless global coverage. For such an unprecedented extensive irregular system, stochastic geometry (SG) is a suitable research method. The SG model can not only cope with the increasing network scale but also accurately analyze and estimate the network’s performance.
CTL researchers investigated several standard satellite distribution models and satellite-ground channel models. System-level metrics such as coverage probability and their intermediates were introduced. Then, they proposed a simulation setup to highlight the potential gains of using SG in modeling and analyzing LEO satellite communication systems with useful system-level insights. 

More information can be found in the video given below and the paper:

R. Wang, M.A. Kishk and M. -S. Alouini, "Ultra-Dense LEO Satellite-Based Communication Systems: A Novel Modeling Technique", IEEE Communications Magazine, 2022