PhD Dissertation Defense - Interface engineering for GaN HEMTs

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Building 3, Level 5, Room 5209


The research focuses on improving metal-GaN and dielectric-GaN interfaces for high-performance GaN-based electronics. For metal-GaN, the damage caused by e-beam evaporation was mitigated using Ti3C2Tx MXene films, achieving a record ION/IOFF current of 1013 and low subthreshold swing. In dielectric-GaN interfaces, Al2O3/Si and Al2O3/GaN heterostructures were explored, revealing dipole-induced electric fields affecting the threshold voltage. Additionally, a thin Ga2O3 interlayer growth between Al2O3 and GaN significantly suppressed interface traps compared to Al2O3/GaN capacitors, showcasing improved device reliability. The research enhances understanding and offers solutions for optimizing GaN-based electronic device interfaces.

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Chuanju Wang is a PHD student supervised by Professor Xiaohang Li at the Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Chuanju received his master degree from department of physics, TsingHua university in 2017 and joined KASUT in 2020. His research area are interface property of wide band gap semiconductors, fabrication and characterization of wide band gap semiconductors such as GaN and Ga2O3.

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