PhD candidate Amal Mohammed Alamri gets a research grant from GPURC

KAUST Electrical Engineering Ph.D. candidate Amal Mohammed Alamri, was recently awarded a research grant by the Grants Programs for Universities and Research Centers (GPURC). The Graduate Research Program is a new long-term strategic program in the Saudi research and development support ecosystem aimed at boosting Saudi Arabia's position among leading countries in the field of science, technology and innovation. The GPURC is one of the NTP (2020) initiatives supervised by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) which is the Saudi government's national laboratory and funding agency for scientific programs across the kingdom.

Amal was awarded the grant for her proposal entitled "Fully Inkjet Printing Photodetectors MSM - 2D Materials & Perovskite Based Inks" and will receive financial support from KACST to work on her Ph.D. research at KAUST.

The printed photodetector is an optical sensor capable of detecting the light and convert it into an electrical signal that could be used in several electronic applications such as visible light communication, or bio-medical equipment. "At present though, most of my efforts aim at making the sensor flexible enough to adhere to different types of surfaces. I'm also working on the ink formula to improve its usability," says Amal, "applications will follow in the next step."

Amal is a Ph.D. student of electrical engineering working in the Nano Energy Lab directed by Professor Jr-Hau He, at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology. She has an MSc in Nanomaterial's Science in Physics from King Abdulaziz University where she graduated in spring 2012. This is the second time in her academic career that Amal is awarded a GPURC grant.