Luis had his bachelor's degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico, in 2023. During his work in a car workshop to explore the complexities of a car factory, he has gained diverse experience across various facets of the industry.
Luis practical knowledge further expanded during an internship at Audi México, where he played a key role in data analysis, automation processes, and developed applications that supported manufacturing logistics and quality review systems. At KAUST, he joined as an intern the Secure Next Generation Resilient Systems Lab SENTRY led by professor Charalambos Konstantinouas, where he works on creating electronic gadget, showcasing capabilities in electronic design and 3D printing.

During a stint as a Project Engineering Intern at an industrial factory in Mexico, Luis designed a complex machine featuring pneumatic, AC motor, and hydraulic systems, overseeing the project from conceptualization in SOLIDWORKS to execution and electrical diagramming in AutoCAD.
His academic journey is paralleled by an interest in electronics, 3D design, and programming. Through research and academic preparation, he has the aspirations to face innovative ventures or contribute significantly to the industry, specifically the automotive industry.