Challenges and Recent Progress on AlN Growth by the PVT Method

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As an ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor material, AlN offers compelling advantages over other competitors in power electronics as well as in deep-UV optoelectronics. In this talk, an overview of the general strategies and associated sublimation reactors to grow AlN crystals by PVT method will be given. Particular interests are focused on different AlN growth strategies for large-size AlN crystal growth, and the advantages and disadvantages of these growth strategies will also be addressed in great detail. Huge technological challenges to grow large-size and high-quality bulk AlN crystals with reasonable cost will be summarized based on worldwide research efforts. Finally, crack-free and high-quality AlN single crystalline boules up to 76 mm (3 inches) in diameter by the homoepitaxial PVT method using our proprietary sublimation reactor and process will be presented. Material characterization results by high-resolution X-ray diffraction (HRXRD), Raman spectroscopy and preferential chemical etching after standard lapping/polishing will also be summarized.

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Dr. Liang Wu has around 20 years of R&D experience on various crystal growth processes and material engineering for semiconductor, solar and LED applications, including crystal growth equipment and hotzone design, modeling & optimization, defect engineering and material characterization. He is the founder and currently serves as the CEO of Ultratrend Technologies Inc. (UTI), a world-leading bulk AlN substrate and Sapphire/SiC/Si-based AlN/AlScN template provider for 5G RFFE filters and various electronic and optoelectronic devices. He developed and launched the world-first 60 mm crack-free bulk AlN single crystalline wafer with leading DUV transparency in 2019 at Yokohama, Japan. He also developed disruptive technologies to massively produce high-quality 2-inch/4-inch/6-inch high-quality Sapphire/SiC/Si-based AlN templates with super performance. Previously, he held various R&D and management positions at Intel, FEMAGSoft SA (Belgium), and GCL Energy Holding Limited, respectively. Dr Wu received his Ph.D, master and bachelor degree from University of Louvain, Tsinghua University and Dalian University of Technology. He has been granted more than 40 patents and authored one book published in Germany. He contributed more than 100 journal/conference papers and invited/plenary keynote talks in leading national/international conferences

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