Meet KAUST prospective student: Carlos Augusto Zan Malaguti

-By Taruna Rapaka

Carlos Augusto Zan Malaguti, 23, from Brazil, obtained his bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering from Sao Paulo State University (UNESP). Carlos will join KAUST in the fall of 2020 as an M.S./Ph.D. candidate in the KAUST Sensors Lab under the supervision of Professor Khaled Nabil Salama.

Carlos first came to KAUST as an intern and enjoyed the research environment found on campus. This, in turn, sparked his interest in continuing his education at KAUST. Outside of classes and research, Carlos enjoys being physically active and mentally healthy.

What was your main subject during your undergraduate degree? Why did you choose it?

From a young age, I was fascinated with how things worked. When I joined UNESP, my greatest interest was electronics. The broad applications of electronic devices intrigues me and how they can simplify our lives. For that reason, I delved deeper into the field by investigating how transistors work. I was amazed by how these tiny devices, present in all electronics, have contributed to the world’s digital revolution: from simple switching/amplification to more complex operation allowed by circuit integration.

Why have you chosen to study an M.S./Ph.D. at KAUST?

The Master’s/Ph.D. program at KAUST offers a unique opportunity to perform cutting-edge research in collaboration with some on the top minds in electrical engineering. For that reason, I initially did a four-month internship here, which sparked my interest in continuing my education at KAUST. I enjoyed the research environment and the cosmopolitan community life as a whole. 

What are your research interests? When did your interest in electrical engineering arise?

I am interested in the investigation, electrical characterization and fabrication of electronics (focusing on the device level). I am particularly interested in how we can merge classical electronics with their applications in biosensors, integrating them with minimal impact on the environment and human life. In high school, my favorite subject was physics, particularly related to electric circuits. Electrical engineering is one of the most innovative fields with the ability to solve problems in many areas, and solving problems through engineering is something that motivates me. For that reason, I decided to enroll at UNESP for the electronics and telecommunications engineering degree, and now at KAUST for my Master’s/Ph.D.

What is your future outlook? Who will be your supervisor at KAUST?

I intend to continue my studies at KAUST, in an innovative research environment. I will work with Professor Khaled Salama in the Sensors Lab. 

What do you do in your spare time? What are you passionate about?

I enjoy being physically active, especially working out and playing tennis, and trying out new sports with friends or as a way to meet new people. I love meditating in different places and for various reasons; this helps me a lot in my daily life. I’m an outgoing person and enjoy hanging out with friends, going for a bike ride at the beach or in the park. I also like reading, especially learning about meditation and its techniques to help me improve my practice.

Can you give a piece of advice to students who plan to pursue an M.S./Ph.D. at KAUST?

I believe luck is a formula given by your preparation plus an opportunity. So, the M.S./Ph.D program is a fantastic opportunity for those looking for fast entry in the academic world. It is essential to be prepared and focused on what you want, with the right amount of passion and dedication for what your program requires.