Erick pursued his education in Control and Automation Engineering at CEFET-RJ, where he was awarded a Motion of Praise for his victory in a national robotics championship.
He authored a thesis titled "Platform for Simulation and Generation of Synthetic Data for Autonomous Inspections by UAVS in Solar Plants."


During the thesis composition, Erick made a significant contribution to the paper "Virtual Reality Simulation of Autonomous Solar Plant Inspections with Unmanned Aerial Systems." This paper was published at ICUAS, a conference held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2021.

After graduating, Erick ventured into the IoT industry as an R&D engineer. In this role, he took charge of designing comprehensive solutions spanning from hardware to software. Erick adeptly handled industrial protocols and proprietary systems as part of his responsibilities.


Research interests

In terms of research interests, Erick is focused on Autonomous Vehicles, CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems), and IoT.