Electroluminescence (EL) by definition is the illumination from the material under the passage of an external voltage bias (electrical field) or injection current. This phenomenon is ​the result of radiative recombination in a material. In the direct bandgap semiconductor, the excess electrons and holes flow into the semiconductor, recombine and release their energy as photons without changing the crystal momentum. I-V, L-I and EL setup: Keithley 2400 source meter, Newport 2936C power meter and Ocean Optics QE65000 spectrometer.
The GEN930 system gives you the maximum​ flexibility in materials research. Its geometry, unique cryopanel, and numerous ports for integrating today’s leading edge in situ analytical tools ensure material purity. The reliability of the system has been proven in many of the leading material research laboratories around the world. ​Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) reactor for III-N material growth.​