It Ee Lee was an international visiting researcher at the Photonics Laboratory in the Division of Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering(CEMSE), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). She is an academic staff member of the Faculty of Engineering (FOE), Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia.

She received her Ph.D. in 2014 at the Northumbria University, United Kingdom. In 2011, she was awarded the Northumbria University Research Studentship to pursue her Ph.D. degree in free-space optical (FSO) communication systems. She received her BEng (Hons) majoring in Electronics and MEngSc degrees from MMU, Malaysia, in 2004 and 2009, respectively. She has been a recipient of the MMU-Agilent scholarship to pursue her MEngSc degree in the research area of visible light communications (VLC). Her research interest includes channel modeling, performance analysis and optimization of FSO communication systems, hybrid FSO/RF systems, VLC systems, and optical wireless communications.

Research Interests

It Ee's research interests included Networks and wireless communications​, Light Sources, Photonics.

Selected Publications

  • I. E. Lee, Z. Ghassemlooy, W. P. Ng, M. A. Khalighi, and S. K. Liaw, "Effects of aperture averaging and beam width on a partially coherent Gaussian beam over free-space optical links with pointing errors", Appl. Opt. vol. 55, no. 1, pp.1-9, 2016.
  • I. E. Lee, Z. Ghassemlooy, W. P. Ng, and M. A. Khalighi, "Green-Inspired Hybrid Base Transceiver Station Architecture with Joint FSO/RF Wireless Backhauling and Basic Access Signalling for Next Generation Metrozones", in Green Networking and Communications: ICT for Sustainability, Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis Group, 2014.
  • I. E. Lee, Z. Ghassemlooy, W. P. Ng, and M. A. Khalighi, "Joint optimization of a partially coherent Gaussian beam for free-space-optical communication over turbulent channels with pointing errors", Opt. Lett, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 350-352, 2013.

Education Profile

  • Ph.D., Northumbria University, United Kingdom (​2014).
  • M.Eng., Multimedia University, Malaysia (2009).
  • B.Eng. (Hons) Electronics, Multimedia University, Malaysia (2003.)