Wenqi Cai is an Ms/Ph.D. student in the Electrical Engineering department within CEMSE division. She got a B.Sc  from Northeastern University and joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Fall 2018. Currently, She is working on the Laser beam pointing control for Optical communication systems.

Research Interests

Wenqi's research interests include Underwater optical communications, Visible light communication, and Optoelectronics.

Optical communication nowadays is a hot topic; it mainly includes two aspects: free space optical communication (FSO) and underwater optical communication systems (UWOC).  FSO links have higher bandwidth and data rate, as well as have the properties of license free and compact volume. Therefore they are appealing for a wide range of applications, especially in urban optical communication applications, such as increasing the capacity of existing Wireless Fidelity (WiFi), simplifying the campus connectivity, etc. For UWOC systems, with the increasing demand for tactical surveillance, oil discovering, offshore exploring, oceanography monitoring, and many other activities, more and more researchers begin to focus on developing the UWOC systems. However, both FSO links and UWOC systems suffer from misalignment due to turbulence and other factors. These factors impose power fading and loss on FSO and UWOC links, which can lead to excessive signal fading and can significantly degrade the system performance. Hence, it is essential and meaningful to investigate the beam pointing control problem.  Wenqi Cai now is working on the control strategy for FSO systems, they use Koruza as transceiver units and simulate the atmospheric turbulence by using a controlled environment chamber, by combining the experimental data with control theory, they are trying to find an efficient way to solve this problem and apply this strategy to UWOC systems as well.





Education Profile

  • B.S. in Control Engineering, Northeastern University(NEU), China(Oct 2014 - Jun 2018).

Awards and Distinctions

  • October 2017, National Scholarship, Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • October 2015, National Scholarship, Chinese Ministry of Education.