KAUST is a place that is full of opportunities, my work is dynamic and interesting, I have forged lifelong friendships, had a family, and I even learned to scuba dive here

Rosemary Mills originates from the United Kingdom and joined KAUST in 2014. Rosemary has worked in Higher Education for nearly 17 years holding a range of junior and senior roles in business operations, international admissions, student recruitment, marketing and internship management. Before joining KAUST, Rosemary worked in Aberystwyth University, in Wales, UK. Rosemary has a postgraduate level qualification in Higher Education Administration and Management and is currently working on a research thesis for her MBA in Educational Leadership. She values the contribution that education makes to social issues and is particularly passionate about education for sustainability. She is a member of several higher education associations and has participated as a panel member in various conferences and international events. Her personal interests are in golf and scuba diving and, more recently, having adventures with her children.