Key focal points

To achieve its objectives, RC3 will build a team and develop research capacity and activity capable of generating outputs along four scientific focal points of commonly perceived and non-controversial technological interest to societies:

  • Resilience of infrastructure and control in CPS/IoT systems;
  • Internet and cloud infrastructures resilience;
  • Security and dependability of embedded components and sub-systems (HW/SW);
  • Data privacy and integrity in highly sensitive sectors (e.g., FinTech; biomedical; social).

This thematic organisation of research serves the purposes stated in the research vision, namely the focus on CII and/or extreme computing setttings, the attention on APTs, and the risks caused by the convergence of several kinds of CIIs. It has additionally a virtuous alignment with core topics of the research agendas of several international agencies, as well as with the needs of important vertical areas of application in industry.

 Strategic Research Lines

The research avenues pursued by RC3 are organised in order to bring the necessary focus on a few key complementary and mutually-assisting topics at the state-of-the-art frontier of resilient computing for critical systems. They are chosen drawing from previous successful experience in other labs and strategic insights on the evolution of the field shared in recent scientific events. RC3 research will thus be structured around the following strategic research lines:

  • Robust and Adaptive Fault and Intrusion Tolerance;
  • Ultra-Reliable Micro Trusted Execution Environments;
  • Privacy and Integrity-preserving Data Processing;
  • Next-generation Threat and Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems;
  • High-confidence Vertical Software Verification.