RC3 Opportunities

Post-doctoral Fellows Positions

We are recruiting  Post-doctoral Fellows who have completed their Ph.D. in the past five years, or will complete soon, and ready to address the challenges of the RC3. The selected candidates will be supported by a generous funding KAUST package according to their credentials and experience.

Are you ready to consolidate your research experience and bootstrap your career, embracing the unique opportunity of participating in the shaping of the challenging and innovative research themes of the RC3 at KAUST ? 

Next cut-off date: December 15, 2021

Research Scientists and Research Engineers Positions

We are recruiting experienced research scientists and engineers who have demonstrated R&D experience, ready to contribute and participate  in  multiple projects of the RC3; including software development, testing, and proof-of-concept prototyping.

Are you ready to venture into doing independent research, boosting your career, and embracing the unique opportunity of participating in the RC3 challenging and innovative research themes ?

Next cut-off date: December 15, 2021


Faculty interested in the challenges of RC3

The Computer Science  program in the CEMSE Division at KAUST is inviting applications for multiple faculty positions at all levels (Full, Associate, and Assistant Professor) in the broad areas of Cybersecurity and Dependability. The search is part of the university-wide Cyber Security initiative, and related to the creation of the Resilient Computing and Cybersecurity Center (RC3).

Next cut-off date: December 15, 2021

PhD students interested in the challenges of RC3

If you are a PhD Student candidate intrigued by algorithms and architectures resisting persistent and evolving threats to computer systems, you came to the right place. Before visiting the KAUST PhD Application page,   here, please check the research opportunities to develop your skills in cybersecurity and dependability, as offered by the RC3 Professors,    here


Computer Systems Engineers

We are recruiting  Computer Systems Engineers with a diverse set of skills and capable of performing a wide-range of Computing infrastructure and Information Technology functions to support the research and development projects. 

Cut-off date: November 30, 2021


Hiring Process: The RC3 recruiting committee assesses the applications and pre-selects the potential candidates until the cut-off date. Pre-selection takes 1-4 weeks depending on the received volume of applications. The KAUST HR process may take 6-8 weeks after the required documents are submitted. For further pre-application enquiries, please send to:

Contact person:
Prof. Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo
email address:
Subject line: