2023 SRSI Students at RISC Lab

During the past summer, our dedicated team at the RISC Lab participated in the prestigious annual program organized by the Saudi Research Science Institute. This enriching experience saw us hosting three exceptionally talented high-school students from Saudi Arabia, who embarked on an immersive six-week core research program.

Under the expert guidance of RISC Lab faculty, Prof. Eric Feron and Prof. Shinkyu Park, each student was paired with a mentor to provide support throughout their laboratory work and in-depth project discussions.

The research projects undertaken were as follows:

- "Towards Infinite Redundancy with Holographic Avionics Software" by Lianne Ahmed Algrafi, mentored by Salman Ghori and Dr. Adeel Akhtar
- "Analyze and Optimize Free-to-rotate Wing Design for Microgravity Flights" by Mohammed AlGhamdi, mentored by Mohammed N. Aldosari and Altayeb Moh'd Al-Shedayfat
- "Socially Aware Robot Navigation" by Mohammad Hafez, mentored by Norah Alghamdi

On August 16th, 2023, all three remarkable SRSI students successfully presented their final projects. They culminated in a transformative journey where they rapidly acquired advanced research skills while actively participating in cutting-edge research endeavors.