KAUST CTL team wins competition at 6G Summit on Connecting the Unconnected

The Marconi Society organized the second 6G Summit on Connected the Unconnected in partnership with KAUST. The summit was a three-day virtual event that brought together experts from technology and policy-making to discuss ideas that can accelerate the process of connecting the unconnected population to the internet.

A competition was part of this summit and was open to students and early career researchers from all over the world who proposed novel solutions for digital inclusion. A team of four students from Communication Theory Lab (CTL) consisting of Aniq Ur Rahman, Fares Fourati, Maurilo Matracia, and Malek Khammassi secured the first position through their work: “Cactus Mesh”. 

Prof. M.-S Alouini, MS student: A. -U Rahman, PhD candidate: M. Matracia, MS student: M. Khamessi, and MS student: F. Fourati.

The official winning announcement with more details can be found at Marconi Society’s online magazine.