Redefining travel paradigms: New wireless communication solutions to flying cars

The existing ground-based transportation systems suffer from various challenges, including the high cost of infrastructure development, limited land space, and a growing urban population. Hence, one solution to tackle this problem is by moving from 2D transportation systems towards 3D mobility that will improve urban air mobility and help reach last-mile regions. 

Nevertheless, the safe operation of flying cars will require well-developed wireless communication networks; however, existing communication technologies need enhancement to provide services to flying cars. Therefore, this work describes several potential innovations that make communication between flying cars and the ground feasible."

More details about this work from this project can be found in the video and in the following publication:

N. Saeed, T. Y.  Al-Naffouri, and M.-S. Alouini, Wireless Communication for Flying Cars", Frontiers in Communications and Networks, Vol. 2, June 2021.  DOI: