• M.Sc in Computer Science, KAUST (2011 - 2012).
  • B.Sc in Information System, Effat University (2008 - 2011).

Noha Al-Harthi is a PhD candidate in Computer Science, and a member of KAUST's Extreme Computing Research Center and CEML. Her doctoral dissertation is conducted under the supervision of Professor David Keyes and Professor Hakan Bagci in the field of high-performance computing for wave propagation.


During my undergraduate, I was awarded the KAUST Discovery Scholarship award to pursue my Master's degree in computer science. Since KAUST offered superb research opportunities similar to the world’s top universities in terms of world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and strong research environment, I believed this unique university would be the best place to conduct a goal-oriented research. As a Saudi, needless to say, I wanted to be part of the KAUST mission to transform Saudi Arabia to a knowledge-based economy and achieve global best practices.

Research interests

Al-Harthi's research involves developing fast algorithms for accelerating integral equation solvers for analyzing electromagnetic and acoustic wave interactions on structures that are hundreds of wavelengths in size.

Selected Publications

AbdulJabbar, M. A., Al, F. M., Al-Harthi, N. A., Chen, R., Yokota, R., Bagci, H., Keyes, D. E. (2018). Extreme Scale FMM-Accelerated Boundary Integral Equation Solver for Wave Scattering, (Preprint). https://hdl.handle.net/10754/627504
Al-Harthi, N. A., Ulku, H. A., Yokota, R., Keyes, D. E., Bagci, H. (2014). Nyström-discretized Magnetic Field Integral Equation for 2D Electromagnetic Scattering, SHAXC-2 Workshop 2014. https://hdl.handle.net/10754/624932
Al-Harthi, N. A. (2013). Performance Benchmarking of Fast Multipole Methods, (Thesis). https://hdl.handle.net/10754/293890