Congratulations to Aasim for successfully defending his MS dissertation

Delighted to share that Mohammed Aasim Shaikh has successfully defended his master's thesis titled "RIS-aided Positioning in Large-scale Networks: Performance Analysis and Design Insights” under the guidance of Prof. Tareq Al-Naffouri, Dr. Nour Kouzayha, Prof. Ahmed Elzanaty, and Prof. Mustafa Kishk. Key achievements include developing a low-complexity RSS-based algorithm for an RIS-aided system, achieving CRLB with sub-meter localization accuracy, and presenting an analytical framework using stochastic geometry tools for comprehensive performance analysis.


Special thanks to the defense committee members Prof. Shinkyu Park and Prof. George Turkiyyah for their insightful feedback and constructive suggestions. The findings have been submitted to "IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication: Positioning and Sensing over Wireless Networks" and the "IEEE Wireless Communication and Networking Conference." Heartfelt thanks to mentors for their invaluable support. Aasim is excited about the possibilities ahead!